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Australian Psychedelic Research Panel

I’m facilitating a panel on Australian Psychedelic Research Panel as part of Entheogenesis Australias Garden States

Commission for The Human Future

Roundtable on Surviving and Prospering in The 21st Century


Hypnotic models of passivity delusions as a window in to the sense of agency

Hypnotised individuals often experience agency alterations whereby their actions feel effortless. This has led researchers to develop …

Sydney Science Festival | Science at the Edge of Consciousness

What lies beyond the edges of our normal everyday waking consciousness? Join Dr Vince Polito for a trip through ancient and modern …

Sydney Science Festival | A Night of Illusions

Sydney Science Festival favourite ‘A Night of Illusions’ returns in 2019 with another mind-bending world of perceptual and cognitive …

Psychedelic Science: A new frontier in mental health

What do psychedelics have to do with mental health? From depression to anxiety, and trauma to addiction, research is increasingly …


Placebo or panacea? Expectations and experiences of people who microdose psychedelics

After a long period of absence from the scientific literature, experimental studies involving psychedelic substances are reappearing. …